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On this audio recording, Terry Elston guides you through the core essence of internal and external motivation. This product will allow you to find your own top values - plus be able to find out, at the deepest level, what motivates others. Terry is taking you on a fantastic journey through the levels of motivation, using Maslow and Robert Dilts’ models as examples, yet going further into the underlying building blocks of any internal and external stimulus.

Here are some of the principles you will learn: The pyramid of motivation – going past the past models. How you have an inbuilt motivating system already - Your R-A-S. One simple question to get inside someone’s inner world. Knowing the motivation direction of another person - Towards or Away From. Skill to find limiting beliefs in yourself and others, then work them out. Understanding the goal setter and goal getter, conscious and subconscious minds.

Terry has been working within the corporate sector using NLP for many years. Governments, Schools, The Police Force and 21 blue chip companies have been using Terry and his NLP trainers for powerful communicating and leadership developments. “Terry taught me how to use NLP to make a whole career move and motivate me to keep going, even when everything looked like an uphill struggle. His knowledge of motivating skills is second to none!” Benjamin Bonetti - International best selling Hypnosis and self-development products.

Terry H Elston
hr min
February 17
NLP World Ltd

Customer Reviews

John G. Flynn ,

Motivated Idiot

A mentor of mine used to say - “If you motivate a guy and he’s an idiot, now you’ve got a motivated idiot”
Terry is a master motivator and understands more is needed than just motivation to achieve outcomes.
Terry will lead you on a fantastic journey which culminates is self-motivation combined with all the tools & resources you needed to achieve whatever outcome you desire.
Since listening to Terry I have been transformed from a motivated idiot to a resource fuelled outcome go-getting machine.

Benjmain Morton ,


Another wondeful and inspiring audio by the master Terry Elston

Adsey ,

Getting under the skin

Knowing the theory didn’t cut it when I was trying to take my team through a tough period of change, but Terry Elston seems to be one of the few people who has got under the skin of motivation - HOW to actually do it. I’ve learned a lot from this audio that I am now using every day and it is really working! Fab!

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