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If you really want to discover more about the plant based diet and all its secrets, then keep reading....

While there is no doubt that humans were meant to be eating fruits, vegetables, and nuts from the beginning, a shift took place that introduced a large confusion, mixing humans with the omnivore species. Scientifically speaking, a plant-based diet is much more beneficial and less harmful for humans, which is why it is recommended to shift from meat to whole grains, legumes, vegetables and other nutritional foods of this kind. 

The question is more like this: what is the difference between plant-based diet and veganism? 

Both food approaches do not involve meat consumption. But if vegans are ethically motivated, those who follow a plant-based diet also reject everything that is processed on an industrial and unhealthy level. 

The decision to go on the plant-based eating plan should not be taken lightly. In fact, most folks generally remain on the fence about it and aren’t always clear on how this approach can be beneficial to the average individual. Moreover, there is a great deal of information scattered all over the place. This makes it hard to form an accurate picture with regard to what a person can expect when going on the plant-based eating plan.

This book covers the following topics:

Why go plant-based?
The basics of a plant-based diet
What you stand to gain from a plant-based diet
The macro and micro essentials of a plant-based diet
How to eliminate bad eating habits
Planning and stocking your pantry
Plant-based foods that boost your immunity
Ten plant-based beauty treatments to use on your skin recipes
Soups, salads, and sides
Smoothies and beverages
Snacks and desserts
28-day meal plan

And more!

Switching to a plant-based diet is beneficial for many reasons. If you are suffering from any kind of illnesses or have obesity issues, you should focus on a plant-based diet as a way to better your health and reduce your symptoms, if not cure the illness completely. Nutrition is a powerful tool that can be used for great purposes, such as helping relieve pain and health problems, improving metabolism and the immune system, as well as strengthen your body and improve your mood. 

Even if you do not have any health-related problems, you should transition to a plant-based diet as a means of preventive health building. The natural ingredients such as fruits, legumes or vegetables are full of nutritional values needed for the everyday functioning of our systems. In all cases, whole food is always better than processed food, as it does not contain any chemicals or unnatural substances that could be harmful to our health. 

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James C. Jones
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18 May
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