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Three years after the epic adventure described in Around the World in 80 Days, Michael Palin was off again. Not circumnavigating the globe, but journeying from one end to the other: the North Pole to the South Pole. Following the 30 degree east line of longitude and using aircraft only as a last resort, Palin and his team endured extremes of heat and cold as they crossed 17 countries on trains, trucks, ships, rafts, ski-doos, buses, barges, bicycles, and balloons.
Whilst making his way down the world, Michael took part in an impressive and eclectic array of activities: a Russian kissing dance in Novgorod, a mud bath in Odessa, white-water rapids on the Zambesi and a squash game at 100 degrees Fahrenheit in Kartoum.

All of these adventures and more, including trying to buy a camel, are described by Michael Palin in his usual vivid and humorous style, leaving you wide-eyed with wonder whilst also laughing out loud.

Travel & Adventure
Michael Palin
hr min
1 January
Audible Studios

Customer Reviews

Jim ADI ,

Abridged too far

I love the Palin travel documentaries and have read and re-read the books many times.

I purchased this for the car and, entertaining as it is, there is just too much missing to do the epic journey justice.

The great thing about Palin's books is that we get to read what goes on when the cameras are turned off but this audiobook misses out great sections of the book and, at times, whole days are excluded.

I love listening to Palin (dodgy accents aside) but I feel that the price is a little high for what is, effectively, half a book.

Genevech ,

Background trumpet music

The background music is really annoying and spoilt the whole book for me ... maybe some people like background music , the music is exactly the same as if it’s on a loop .. and let’s face it the music isn’t great

Ashmanoffunk ,

My favourite Palin adventure

I remember watching the TV programme with my Dad when I was about 11 years old and it's had a lasting impression on me. The audiobook version gives you insights into some of the things that weren't covered in the TV version. During this journey, the Soviet Union announced it was being disbanded just two weeks after Palin left the country, apartheid was being dismantled in South Africa and Ethiopia had just come out of a violent civil war. Not only a fantastic journey but a great insight into not so distant history. A joy from start to finish

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