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Are you ready to learn the secrets of the highest paid project managers?

Outside of the "hard skills" of project management, which are very important, the best project managers focus a lot of attention on a few key areas. These areas are what set them apart from everyone else. A lot of them learn these skills over time. However, you can shave months, if not years, off your learning curve with this guide. The faster you learn these, the greater the potential to increase your income.

This value packed bundle includes three best-selling audiobooks in one.

In Project Management Starter Guide for Beginners, you will discover what the highest earners already know like:

How to answer the one interview question that most candidates get wrong
What habits you should focus on
How and why reading people is critical to being an effective project manager
Pro tips most of your competition is failing to do
Why knowing your emotional triggers is vital being an effective project manager
Why failure is key to your success
Why you need to listen with more than just your ears
How to relate to your teams and build trust

"Bryan Oliver has written a book that every project manager and the people involved in project development definitely needed. The research and case studies are solid, with lots of real examples and tips/strategies for breaking the complexity of project management down into sizable chunks. In addition the content has strong focus on building your team and communicating with the people working together on the project. This is a solid business book, not only for beginners but, leaders in the industry who need to get back to the basics on project management." (Scott B. Allan, international best-selling author)

Whether you are brand new or have some experience, project management is a fast-paced and difficult discipline to master. However, it becomes easier when you’ve learned some of the basic secrets the pros already know. Are you ready to become a high-paid project manager?

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December 19
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