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You are just a click away from learning how to cultivate psilocybin magic mushrooms!

Psilocybin mushrooms, also known as magic mushrooms or psychedelic mushrooms, are taking over the world by storm, especially among those who have tried all manner of mainstream medication for various ailments with no permanent effects.

The reason for the increasing popularity is simple: The results that users are getting from using magic mushrooms are speaking for themselves!

Did you know that psilocybin mushrooms have been used for years to treat various ailments and disorders such as cluster headaches, anxiety, addiction, and depression? Are you aware that psilocybin mushrooms have the potential to treat a number of psychiatric and behavioral disorders?

Recent research has actually shown that psilocybin mushrooms have the potential to treat a range of psychiatric and behavioral disorders. In addition to that, mushrooms are generally beneficial because they are low in calories and provide a variety of minerals and vitamins such as magnesium, potassium, copper, folate, and zinc. As such, using these mushrooms is likely to bring far more benefits than you could imagine!

By virtue that you are reading this, it is clear you’ve probably heard positive stuff about magic mushrooms but have all manner of questions going through your mind. 

So what exactly are psilocybin mushrooms? Why are they referred to as magic mushrooms? What effects do they bring? What makes them able to bring about the many benefits for which they are touted? Can I actually plant psilocybin mushrooms? What do I need to know before cultivating psilocybin mushrooms?

If you have these and other related questions about magic mushrooms, this audiobook is for you, so pay attention, as it covers the ins and outs of psilocybin mushrooms using simple, easy-to-follow language to help you put what you learn into action!

More precisely, the audiobook will teach you:

How mushroom cultivation came about
Why it is beneficial to cultivate psilocybin mushrooms
Four suitable culture media for growing psilocybin mushrooms
The tools you need in the cultivation of mushrooms
The best conditions for growing psilocybin mushrooms
Two important phases in the making of mushroom compost
How to grow psilocybin mushrooms on tree trunks
How best to harvest your mushrooms
And so much more

Learning how to cultivate anything, leave alone mushrooms, can feel like a lot of work. However, thanks to this audiobook, your perspective about cultivation will change completely. 

Whether you are new to magic mushrooms or are an experienced user, this audiobook takes an easy-to-follow approach to break down the seemingly complex processes into easy-to-apply steps you can follow to start cultivating your very own magic mushrooms!

Brian Bergum
hr min
March 25
Federico Allegrini