re-MIND-me Extreme Hypnosis™ for Weight Loss (Unabridged) re-MIND-me Extreme Hypnosis™ for Weight Loss (Unabridged)

re-MIND-me Extreme Hypnosis™ for Weight Loss (Unabridged‪)‬

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    • £12.99

Publisher Description

Are you tired of weight loss programs that don’t work?

Do you want to lose weight with a scientifically proven method and without fighting cravings?

Are you tired of fighting your urges to overeat?

Are you tired of buying hypnosis and recordings that don’t contain any valid hypnosis practices or written by untrained professionals?

Our re-MIND-me Extreme Hypnosis™ package contains 5 hypnosis scripts, as well as guided visualization, affirmations, subliminals, and instructions on how to deepen your hypnosis for even better results.

Our hypnosis techniques and programs are the result of the latest scientific developments in Hypnosis Weight Loss. Here are some of those scientific findings that are discussed and used in our book:

How two specific hormones are activated by weight loss hypnosis that help control your food intake and to protect you against obesity and Type II Diabetes.
How hypnosis and one other technique we use are over 30 times as effective as those who used dieting alone.
How hypnosis accounts for 90% more weight loss than those who don’t use the technique.
How those who use our technique can double the effects of traditional weight loss approaches.
Learn why women over 40 generally have their best weight loss success with hypnosis than others.
How we add one specific hypnosis technique to double your weight loss effectiveness.

Why should I use the re-MIND-me Extreme Hypnosis™ Package?

Q: I tried several other hypnosis recordings, but it didn’t work for me.

A: Most hypnosis packages on the internet do NOT contain proven techniques of hypnosis or were even developed by trained, registered, or certified hypnotherapists. Ours are grounded in scientific research and successes that we have enjoyed for many years.

Q: I’m afraid of losing my mind’s control to the hypnotherapist.

A: No one can ever take over your mind. You always have the power to override any suggestion that you don’t believe in.

Q: How is the re-MIND-me Extreme Hypnosis™ method different than the rest?

A: In addition to our powerful hypnosis methods and incorporation of the latest scientific hypnotherapy findings, we include affirmations, guided visualizations, subliminals, and more! It is the most complete hypnotherapy package on the market!

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1 March
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