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We all can know that one person who has incredible self-discipline. They wake up early in the morning every day, they exercise, drink their green smoothie and meditate and all that before going to work and/or working on their own business. They plan their day and accomplish the tasks and goals accordingly. And there are you, surfing though the sites, scrolling through Instagram or playing Candy Crush while eating chips and drinking cola. 

What's on your table now? How can you build that self-discipline? How can you master your mindset and achieve what you want? Imagine you are in control of your destiny. You are healthy, happy, and satisfied in your life. Not only you can master your business success, but you can also easily overcome addictions or negative habits. Imagine you can create a life without ongoing worries and tensions and having “more space" in your mind and enjoying peacefulness and happiness. You can have good wealth, health and relationships. You truly can be more productive while doing less! 

In Self-Discipline, I speak about: 

Self-esteem and self-confidence 
Fixed and growth mindset 
You never lose. You either win or learn. 
Groundworks of self-discipline 
Do not miss any deadline ever again. 
What surrounds you 
Building willpower 
Laser focus, meditation (and practice) 
Do-it-yourself (change habits) 
Deal with mental clutters 
Understand the triggers of overthinking 
Vibe it, then real life it 
Don't worry about what others say or think.
Break up with your stress. 
Be relentless. 
Intentional thinking and positive self-talk 
Maximize your productivity. 
Mindfulness and sleep hygiene (and practice)
Take decisive control of your life.... 

I can guarantee you: You can get the results you want, no matter how old you are, or what your goal is. All these tips are helpful for anyone who aims to master his self-discipline and become relentless. You will learn some good and proven techniques that have helped hundreds of people and will help you too.

Gary Crane, Glenn Bulthuis
hr min
June 18
Charlie Creative Lab Ltd.