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You are about to find captivating public sex stories that will turn you on, get your pants soaking wet and much more!

Fetishes - we all have them. But of all the fetishes, very few things are as much of a turn-on as having sex, performing sexually arousing acts (like fingering, hand jobs, blow jobs, having sex toys on) in public places, or even watching sex or sexual acts in public places.

Even listening to stories of people having sexual acts in public is enough turn you on like very few things can, as you envision yourself in the scene, watching or performing all manner of sexual acts with the adrenaline rush that comes with the fear of getting caught!

It is the reason most people like watching porn or reading/ listening to erotic stories. By virtue that you are here, one thing is clear: You have a fetish for public sex - be it watching or being watched and want to explore it safely by listening to erotic stories of people performing all manner of sexual acts in public.

Lucky for you, this audiobook won’t disappoint.

So, whether you want to get through a boring day with a little rush of adrenaline or just feel like you need a heaving surge of sensual verve as you journey through some of the hottest sexual reveries in all manner of settings that only exist in our deepest imaginations, you’re in the right place.

Or, perhaps, you’re looking for something a little different. Something you’ve never quite experienced before. Something that is enough to take your dirty mind by surprise and leave you melting in awe, and squirming in pleasure and satisfaction. If that’s what you want, I hope you’re ready for it!

Not many people can withstand the pressure slowly mounting in the bodies as their ears peruse highly stimulating, exciting, and passionate narrations, well-delivered beautifully. But, perhaps, you can.

Are you ready to go down this road? Are you ready to feed your curious mind with a new breed of sexy erotic stories of people performing sexual acts in public? If so, then this audiobook is what you need right now.

Here is a bit of what the book contains:

In “Office Fun”, Samantha has a wild sexual encounter with her boyfriend Erik, inside her office’s storage room, and they secretly hoped they could get caught in the act!
The “Captain” is the story of Captain Charles Marshall who, while on a mission to North Africa, meets Malia, a young African lady, who he ends up having a romping experience like no other in an African village!

Some of the other stories include:

Paranormal encounter
Public humiliation
Public three-way
And so much more!

If public sex is your idea of hot and kinky, don’t let another dull listen let down your adventurous, kinky mind. By the end of this audiobook, you are sure to have either blue balls or wet pants - your choice! So, stop everything you’re doing, prepare yourself to get enthralled.

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Nikki Diamond
hr min
May 14
Mandy Harmon

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