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Are you still not seeing the results you want despite spending hours and hours at the gym or hundreds of dollars on supplements per month? If you want to start building as much muscle as possible and as quickly as possible, then keep reading....

Have you been going to the gym for several months now, yet you feel as if you don’t look any different? Or maybe you feel as if, for the amount of time you put into the gym, you should be a lot bigger or a lot more muscular than you currently are....

There are no more remaining “secrets” that you need to unravel, regardless of whatever the next fitness guru tells you. Truth is the health and fitness industry is a lucrative market that is being capitalized on by marketers....

And people like us - people who want to become the best versions of ourselves - are being taken advantage of and sold the same concepts repackaged under different names. Other times, we are lied to about our natural potential, and oversold the benefits that their products or supplements can bring us. But building muscle is actually a really simple process.

You already know what to do. You just lack the confidence to do it.

This book will dispel all the nonsense and reveal the truth about building muscle so that you can stop wasting your time trying to identify what works and what doesn’t, and start sculpting a more muscular, more confident and better you.

With references to over 20 of the best scientific studies available, discover:

How to avoid the most common mistake people make with their training and programming.
Why “new and revolutionary” is a marketing tool, and just how old the newest training revolution really is.
How to tell good research from bad, the different levels of scientific evidence, and how to properly gauge “backed by science” and “research-based” claims.
What the ideal rep range for muscle growth really is (Hint: it’s not 8-12 reps!).
How to quantify your training the correct way using the new, scientifically-accepted formula for volume.
How you can make up to 63 percent more gains changing only one training variable.
Why strength training and prioritization is unnecessary for muscle growth.
The advantage hard-gainers have when it comes to building muscle.
What supplements you should consider, especially if you don’t eat animal products.
Why bench presses are not enough for chest development; the underused triceps extension for better triceps development; and why overhead presses may be a waste of time.
The laws of muscle growth - understand and apply these two to three concepts and you will build muscle.

Benjamin McLean
hr min
April 20
Andy Xiong

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