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Autumn, 1541. Following the uncovering of a plot against his throne in Yorkshire, King Henry VIII has set out on a spectacular Progress to the North to overawe his rebellious subjects there. Accompanied by a thousand soldiers, the cream of the nobility, and his fifth wife, Catherine Howard, the king is to attend an extravagant submission of the local gentry at York.
Already in the city are lawyer Matthew Shardlake and his assistant, Jack Barak. As well as assisting with the legal work of processing petitions to the king, Shardlake has reluctantly undertaken a special mission: to ensure the welfare of an important but dangerous conspirator being returned to London for interrogation.

But the murder of a local glazier involves Shardlake in deeper mysteries, connected not only to the prisoner in York Castle but to the royal family itself. As the king and the Great Progress arrive in the city, Barak stumbles upon a terrifying secret, and a chain of events unfolds that will lead Shardlake to the most terrifying fate a subject of Henry VIII can fear: his own imprisonment in the Tower of London.

Crime & Thrillers
Anton Lesser
hr min
February 14
Pan Macmillan Publishers Ltd.

Customer Reviews

mnbvcxLJK ,

Sovereign by C. J. Sansom

This is an excellent book /audiobook, I think the best in the Shardlake series so far - I'm reading them in order. The author has developed the Shardlake character to perfection and his descriptions of other, both historical and invented, characters are masterly. Sansom's style of writing makes for compulsive reading / listening, especially combined with such a clever ploy. Anton Lesser's reading is simply outstanding and one can't help but marvel at the range of voices he uses in this great story-telling: he is an actor of the first degree. The only disappointment is that the audio book is abridged yet this is not indicated anywhere on iTunes, which is rather remiss. I normally only buy unabridged audiobooks. However, I have also read the book - there is nothing that should be left out. Starting on 'Revelation' today.

theschnauzermum ,

all hail Anton

Excellent as is whole series, just waiting to see if Anton Lesser voices the latest book Lamentations, only an unabridged version with someone else so far - accept no substitutes!

Lizzyletherbeth ,

Expert narration

This is a real night owl's audiobook, because it really doesn't allow you to unplug those earphones until you hear "just a little more", and then it's one, two, three in the morning. I am usually a book reader, not listener, but the combination of a storyline that runs along relentlessly and the skilful narration of Anton Lesser has made me a convert. Mr Lesser's voice pitches character just so,ranging pacily and dramatically, so that you see characters and their motives quite plainly in your mind, especially Matthew Shardlake, the hero

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