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Welcome, Emissary.
As Benjamin Sisko picked his way over the wreckage that was his new command, a thousand questions, countless problems, dire reports, and the soon-to-be-familiar harangue of the Bajoran Liaison Officer clamored for his attention. From the shadows, a monk stepped out and greeted him. With all that had happened, it is no small wonder that Sisko took that greeting and relegated it to the back of his mind.
Six years have passed. Despite the recent retaking of Deep Space 9™, it seems that the Federation is losing the Dominion war. As commander of a front-line post, Sisko focuses on the war effort, paying little attention to the latest rumor. "The fabled lost Orbs of the Prophets have been recovered. Legend holds that these orbs are the key to unlocking a second wormhole -- a second Celestial Temple." In war, sometimes the little things you don't notice are your undoing.
Now Benjamin Sisko, a man of science and a Starfleet officer -- and also the Emissary -- is swept up in the ultimate war of good versus evil. Every decision he makes draws him, his family, and his crew into the abyss. Faced with the possibility that he alone must decide the fate of life in the galaxy, Captain Sisko must unlock the truth behind the fabled Orbs of the Prophets or the future, the past, and even the present will wink out of existence!

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Joe Morton
hr min
1 March
Simon & Schuster Audio

Customer Reviews

Ric W ,

Loved Book when i read it..

...But why buy it when you cannot get the conclusion - books 2 and 3 are any more ever going to be released?

mikey2363 ,

Very Dissapointing....

I've purchased many Star Trek Audio books of iTunes and this has to be the worst. As a BIG Deep Space 9 fan, i especially enjoy listening to the DS9 ones.

The biggest problem that i found was the Narrator. I found it extreamely difficult while listening to tell the difference between characters from one another due to the voices that the actor was using. Apart from Quark (which sounded nothing at all like the tv series character) i couldnt tell who was saying what. Thats most likely why i found it so difficult to follow the story as i was concentrating so much on who was talking in the scene.

I found that the AudioBooks that had actual actors from the TV Series did a much better job. Perhaps being picky but for £7.95 i want a better deal.

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