Stop Killing Deals: How to avoid deadly assumptions and achieve sales excellence

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    • £16.99

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Unmask and defeat the deadly assumptions at the root of your selling and gain competitive advantage by viewing sales through the lens of human nature.

Companies spend billions of dollars each year on sales training and technology, yet sales effectiveness keeps declining. Why? It's because too many sales organizations operate on deadly assumptions that deny the essential human nature of their sales teams and their buyers. Written by the CEO of a sales technology company, George Brontén, Stop Killing Deals defies convention by destroying the idea that CRM and other technology is the solution to all of the sales industry’s problems. Instead, the book focuses on a human-centered way of building and maintaining world-class sales organizations that support the essential human nature of those who work within them.

In this quick and insightful read, you’ll learn how to:
Defeat the deal-killing monsters lurking in your buyer’s subconsciousHeal your organization and give your team what they need with sales enablementAlign your strategy, process, and methodology to achieve scalable, world-class sales performanceBuild your sales coaching around your sales process to generate exponential results within complex b2b sales environmentsUnderstand the essential humanity of your sales workforce, thereby enabling you to recruit better, train, and support the people on your team in order to win more dealsTurn your sales technology into your servant, not your master
The book contains links to a wealth of downloadable resources and tools to enable leaders to put these principles into practice right away. When you apply these principles and frameworks, you’ll win more and have more fun doing it!

Listen to Stop Killing Deals and turn how you sell into your competitive advantage.

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George Brontén
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15 May
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