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Important note: This is a book summary of The Longevity Paradox by Steven R. Gundry and is not the original book.

Aches, pains, and diseases are just an inevitable symptom of age, right? Wrong, claims Dr. Steven Gundry, the author of The Longevity Paradox: How to Die Young at a Ripe Old Age. His research and experience show that it is possible to live to an old age while still feeling and looking young. How is that possible? It’s all about going down to a micro-level and looking after the microbiomes that influence the health of our bodies, from inflammation in the gut and the condition of our skin to more serious illnesses such as heart disease and cancer. Take care of them, says Dr. Gundry, and they will take care of you.

By making adjustments to your diet that keep your good microbiome happy and stop feeding the bad bacteria, you can live a long, healthy, happy, and active life. Dr. Gundry says it is possible to live to 100 or more and still feel and act decades longer if you follow his longevity plan. In his book, he goes into depth explaining the ins and outs of his research. A Summary of The Longevity Paradox presents you all the key points of Dr. Gundry’s book so you learn everything you need to know in a fraction of the time. Most importantly, you can start applying these points immediately.

It’s never too late to start pursuing a healthier and longer life - and this audiobook gets you started even quicker.

In this audiobook, you will discover:

The key takeaways of Dr. Gundry’s research, saving you time and allowing you to understand the main arguments immediately.
A summary of how to live a long and healthy life - and how you can start doing this now.
A rundown of some of the world’s oldest populations and how the people there live to 100 or more without the diseases and illnesses we’ve come to believe are inevitable with age.
A look at what your microbiome is and why is it so important to the overall health of your body.
Which foods you should avoid and which foods you should eat to stay young even when you’re old.
The benefits of fasting - and how you can do this without feeling hungry, deprived, or miserable.

If you’re intrigued by Dr. Gundry’s claims and want to get a detailed overview of his studies, then this Summary of the Longevity Paradox is for you. Get it now!

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