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"I just want to be happy," a simple goal expressed as though it were the very least we could expect of life. Some phrase it differently, and some attach requirement or specifics to the statement by pre-deciding how happiness must be packaged. Nonetheless it sounds so reasonable an expectation and yet for some reason so many people spend an entire lifetime unable to reach or even discover the first step on the path to this universal desire. Many believe that this illusive state would be possible if they could only win the lottery, inherit great wealth or even perhaps meet the man or woman of their dreams. Essential we all make the same mistake, the assumption that happiness is out there somewhere for us to stumble upon. Happiness is incorrectly seen as a destination that once reached dissolves the suffering and worry of life into the ether forever more.

Happiness is indeed a simple request but most assume it is hidden and only the very few are fortunate enough to discover the treasure map that leads to its secret location. Swallow The Happy Pill will show you that you not already own the map but you are currently standing right on top of the big red X that marks the spot of that buried treasure you crave so much. Discover:

How to manifest your dreams
The secrets to perfect self-esteem and confidence
Stop anxiety and depression before it starts
The quite route to freedom and peace of mind
How to get every prayer answered every time

The amazing secrets revealed in Swallow The Happy Pill will change how you think about everything; it will shatter your beliefs and dramatically transform your life. This may be one of the most significant books you ever buy.

Craig Beck
hr min
27 October
Viral Success Ltd

Customer Reviews

Norwegian star ,

Good book, wakes you up!!

I think the book was good and informative
When I read a few of the other reviews
and there negative views of the book it
did not put me offI
I think this negative view is due to not
have studied this
type of 'thinking outside the box' theories
before so it can seem quite strong/
The book is an eye opener, it is strong and a
wakes you up! I have read books like this
My hole life and I love it! Keep up the good work
Work Craig. 👍

Slanted_slope ,

Really inspirational

I have to say that I am perplexed at the 2 previous negative reviews. They clearly have not listened to and understood what the author is telling them to do.
It is beyond my comprehension how this book could have any type of negative effect on anyone, even if you did not like it, or if it simply didn't work with your cognition.

For me, it changed my way of thinking; took me out of the darkness and showed me the light. Very cliché you might think, but I cannot put into words the profound effect this book has had on me. As a sufferer of depression most of my adult life, no amount of medication and therapy made any marked difference. Swallow the Happy Pill on the other hand may have quite literally saved my life.

I hope this book works as well for you as it has for me.
I was already a fan of Craig Beck, having already purchased several of his other audio books... I am an even bigger fan now.

TommyMorley ,

Simple ideas that can change your life in complex ways

A brilliant book! Thank you

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