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Tarl Cabot has always believed himself to be a citizen of Earth. He has no inkling that his destiny is far greater than the small planet he has inhabited for the first 20-odd years of his life. One frosty winter night in the New England woods, he finds himself transported to the planet of Gor, also known as Counter-Earth, where everything is dramatically different from anything he has ever experienced. It emerges that Tarl is to be trained as a Tarnsman, one of the most honored positions in the rigid, caste-bound Gorean society. He is disciplined by the best teachers and warriors that Gor has to offer...but to what end?

This is the first book of John Norman's popular and controversial Gorean Saga, a series of novels the author began in 1967 with Tarnsman of Gor and are now considered cult classics. This audiobook is based on the definitive edition recently published by E-Books.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Ralph Lister
hr min
June 15
Brilliance Audio

Customer Reviews

Old~Smokey ,

tarnsman of gor

I purchased this on my ipod, why cant I access it on my ipad???
Please can anyone help?

Martamos ,


A unique story with a unique style of writing that draws you in. Worth a listen I'm off to get the next one.

Grussu ,

Science fantasy at its finest

The Gor series are an amazing set of books. Tarnsman of Gor being the first. These books follow a similar pattern to Edgar Rice Burroughs Mars series, although I find the Gor series of a more adult nature. The detail covered really helps to build a vivid picture in your mind. Throughout the series it is possible to see where the author has drawn inspiration from Herodotus and Homer and often sets a feel of ancient Greece or Rome in his scenarios. When I first came across these books as a teenager I was in awe of the escapades of the main character, and twenty years later I am over-joyed to see that another book following the actions of the same character has been released. If these books catch your interest then they will stay with you for life, and you will come back to them over and over. Keep in mind when these books were first written and you will see an amazing imagination at work when you take into account all the things that were not invented or in common usage yet.
On a downside, the narrator is a little droll, but easy to get passed.

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