The 6th Target: Women's Murder Club, Book 6 (Unabridged‪)‬

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    • £7.99

Publisher Description

The next thrilling instalment in the Women's Murder Club series.

After a dramatic shoot out at a ferry dock, Detective Lindsay Boxer is called to the scene to find that three people have been killed, and one of her closest friends, Claire, has been shot and lies bleeding, whilst the murderer is on the run. Lindsay promises Claire that she'll hunt down this killer and bring him to justice, but sadly, it doesn't prove to be so straightforward.

A man comes forward claiming to be the ferry murderer, and Yuki Castellano, one of the Women's Murder Club, prepares to set out the charges against him. But it's not all over; a child has been abducted and is still missing. To increase the mystery and confusion, there are a series of suspicious and unexplained deaths in the building where Cindy lives - yet another of the Women's Murder Club is in danger. Lindsay discovers yet more abducted children, and the hunt begins in earnest to return the children to their parents.

Crime & Thrillers
Carolyn McCormick
hr min
12 June
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Customer Reviews

Keel822 ,

Great storyline terrible audio cover

I listen to audiobooks at work throughout the day, having listened to 5 in this series quite happily I played this one to find it has THE worst background music and sound effects, it’s terrible - this is not a play script, you have one job, just read the book, it’s captivating enough without the need to cheap it up with low budget music and sound effects.

Neminou ,

Awful audio version

I’m usually don’t write review good or bad. But this audio book is terrible !!!
I have listened to the 5 previous audiobooks with pleasure.
The quality of the sound is shocking. The additional music background completely unnecessary. The narrator tone is flat.

ohdear97 ,

Shocking Audio Version

What happened??? Terrible quality audio makes it difficult to hear clearly. Awful sound effects and background setting music that distract you from the the actual narrative making it even harder to listen too. And then there’s the narrator, boring and monotone. Also the character name pronunciations are now different compared to the previous narrator so brain now has to do reprocess character names into something recognisable. I’m struggling to get past 5 minutes let alone 8 hours of this drivel. And I see the current narrator is on the next 5 or so books also. I was enjoying this series but I think that’s the end for me.

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