The Big Book of Serial Killers Volume 2: Another 150 Serial Killer Files of the World's Worst Murderers: An Encyclopedia of Serial Killers (Unabridged‪)‬

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    • £12.99

Publisher Description

Our first volume caused such an impact that we’ve decided to bring you the long-awaited Volume 2 of the most comprehensive Serial Killer encyclopedia ever published!

Murderers or monsters, normal people turned bad or people born with the desire to kill; it doesn’t matter where they come from, serial killers strike dread into our hearts with a single mention of their names. Hunting in broad daylight or stalking from the shadows, we are their prey and their hunt is never done until they are caught or killed.

With a worrying number of them living in our communities, working alongside us at our places of employment and sharing the same spaces where we spend time with our families, serial killers are typically just another neighbor that we barely think about. A worrying thought, to be honest.

In The Big Book of Serial Killers Volume 2, we go through the lives of 150 serial killers who allowed themselves to fall under the influence of their darkest desires and took the lives of anywhere from one to one hundred victims; we speak of their motives and how their stories ended (if they ended…), and remind you of the fear and pain that they left behind.

But what can you expect from The Big Book of Serial Killers Volume 2? 

You will find such things as:

An excellent A-Z list of all of these deadly killers, allowing you to reference the encyclopedia whenever you need to find out more about any single murderer
All of the uncensored details of their crimes, with much effort taking into account to describe their horrific acts
Important information on their date and place of birth, date of arrest, and number of victims, among other facts
A list of trivia facts for each killer, allowing you to learn more about their personalities and any films or documentaries made about them

So, with nothing more to add – it’s only time now for you purchase this book and begin learning about 150 of the sickest, most dangerous serial killers in world history.

This is the next level in murder: Are you ready to learn about the evilest men and women in history?

Kevin Kollins
hr min
6 May
LAK Publishing

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