The Complete Guide to the Maltese: Choosing, Raising, Training, Socializing, Feeding, and Loving Your New Maltese Puppy (Unabridged‪)‬

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Publisher Description

Authors and experienced Maltese owners Jordon Pogorzelski and Coral Drake teamed up with six top Maltese breeders to create this go-to guidebook that covers everything a new owner needs to know about the Maltese breed.

In The Complete Guide to the Maltese, you’ll learn everything you need to know to raise a happy and healthy Maltese from puppy to old age. If you have recently adopted a Maltese, these lines will teach you how to deal with any past traumas they may have experienced and help them adapt to a safe and happy life in their new home.

Chapter topics include:

Is a Maltese the Right Breed for Me?
Buying vs. Adopting
Getting to Know Your Adult Maltese
Preparing for a Maltese Puppy
Bringing Home your Maltese Puppy
Raising a Happy, Healthy Maltese
Exercising your Maltese
The Art of Grooming a Maltese
Socialization and Living with Other Pets
Dealing with Unwanted behavior
Feeding Your Maltese
Health Care: Beginning to Advance
Traveling with Your Maltese

The Maltese has graced the laps of luxury for thousands of years. This elegant little dog comes from the now-extinct nation of Malta. As Malta was invaded and colonized, the beautiful little white dog breed spread across the world. The Maltese was never meant to be anything but a companion, and thousands of years of dedicated breeding have made a truly wonderful best friend.

These tiny dogs are unaware of their small size. They are fearless, playful, and endlessly charming. If you know somebody who doesn't like dogs, introduce them to a Maltese, and you may change their mind. Maltese are hardy and adaptable. Their fearlessness makes them good watchdogs but also will help them win over anyone. These little athletes can excel on the agility course and look truly stunning showing off their athleticism in full coat.

Maltese are truly beautiful little dogs. Their pure white coat grows continuously. When kept in show coat, the ends of their hair sweeps the ground. However, Maltese can also be clipped short for a low-maintenance and easy to clean coat. The coat is low shedding and easy to maintain with regular brushing.

Maltese can be willful, and their affection natures do not respond well to harsh training techniques. Therefore, consistent positive training is essential in order to shape your dog's behavior.

Learn how to best train for a Maltese’s willful and sometimes stubborn nature. Find out the basics of grooming this gorgeous coat. Decide what to feed and how to supplement your Maltese’s diet in order to keep them healthy well into their teens. This audiobook can guide you through every element of life with your Maltese.

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