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The Dark Ages is the story of the birth of Western civilization. It was a harrowing crucible of war, destruction, and faith. For over 100 years, Charles Oman's famous history has remained one of the finest sources for the study of this period. Covering a period of 500 years and an area stretching from Northern Germany to Egypt, this is the definitive history that will alter your conceptions of a period of history that gave birth to the civilization we live in today.

Table of contents:
Chapter 1: Odoacer and Theodoric, 476-493

Chapter 2: Theodoric King of Italy, 493-526

Chapter 3: The Emperors at Constantinople, 476-527

Chapter 4: Chlodovech and the Franks in Gaul, 481-511

Chapter 5: Justinian and His Wars, 528-540

Chapter 6: Justinian (Continued), 540-565

Chapter 7: The Earlier Frankish Kings and Their Organisation of Gaul, 511-561

Chapter 8: The Visigoths in Spain, 531-603

Chapter 9: The Successors of Justinian, 565-610

Chapter 10: Decline and Decay of the Merovingians, 561-656

Chapter 11: The Lombards in Italy and the Rise of the Papacy, 568-653

Chapter 12: Heraclius and Muhammed, 610-641

Chapter 13: The Decline and Fall of the Visigoths, 603-711

Chapter 14: The Contest of the Eastern Empire and the Caliphate, 641-717

Chapter 15: The History of the Great Mayors of the Palace, 656-720

Chapter 16: The Lombards and the Papacy, 653-743

Chapter 17: Charles Martel and His Wars, 720-741

Chapter 18: The Iconoclast Emperors: State of the Eastern Empire in the Eighth Century, 717-802

Chapter 19: Pippin the Short: Wars of the Franks and Lombards, 741-768

Chapter 20: Charles the Great: Early Years, 768-785...Conquest of Lombardy and Saxony

Chapter 21: The Later Wars and Conquests of Charles the Great, 785-814

Chapter 22: Charles the Great and the Empire

Chapter 23: Louis the Pious, 814-840

Chapter 24: Disruption of the Frankish Empire: The Coming of the Vikings, 840-855

Chapter 25: The Darkest Hour, 855-887: From the Death of Lothair I to the Deposition of Charles the Fat

Chapter 26: Italy and Sicily in the Ninth Century, 827-924

Chapter 27: Germany, 888-918

Chapter 28: The Eastern Empire in the Ninth Century, 802-912

Chapter 29: The End of the Ninth Century in Western Europe: Conclusion

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