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Behind our democracy lurks a powerful but unaccountable network of people who wield massive power and reap huge profits in the process. In exposing this shadowy and complex system that dominates our lives, Owen Jones sets out on a journey into the heart of our Establishment, from the lobbies of Westminster to the newsrooms, boardrooms and trading rooms of Fleet Street and the City.

Business & Personal Finance
Jonathan Keeble
hr min
April 12
W. F. Howes

Customer Reviews

gilbert grape ,

Guarding against Men in Bowler Hats

Whilst the news has been full of people in berets, beanies, burkas and baseball caps, many have forgotten the bowler hat. Nobody is sure why bowler hats came to be associated with evil characters. Bumbling pinstriped men reading the financial times and carrying an umbrella (mainly in London), perhaps saying ‘good morning’ are bravely investigated here by Owen Jones. A bowler is actually a fairly functional helmet and wearing one in a fight is a definite advantage, but Owen doesn’t back down as he enters no-go zones and hunts for clues.

Hume272 ,

Penetrating and eye opening

When researching this book I was amused to see the telegraph's review and how damning it was in comparison to other opinions, as if it was written in validation of Jones' narrative. Yes it has its flaws and areas it does not engage with, but to attack these is to entirely miss the point. This work is designed to cut through the fog and explain how the current system of capital and governance operates in lay terms, to point to the individuals who have manifestly betrayed (and duped) the British public. There is a huge amount of value in this work and I would recommend it highly.

My only comment would be, it is in need of a post brexit update. (Perhaps one already exists?)

Jato 3471 ,

Brilliant !

An inspiring read and a ruthless exposė. Owen Jones is a beacon of hope.