The Fun Trivia Questions Book: A Small but Mighty General Knowledge Quiz about Random Facts (Fun Facts and Amazing Trivia Series) (Unabridged‪)‬

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What strange household appliance inspired one of the first pairs of Nike sneakers? The co-founder of Nike, Bill Bowerman, was not only a legendary track and field coach, but also a great inventor. While looking for a way to make shoes faster, he was inspired by a particular household appliance....

The waffle maker.

Bowerman was eating breakfast with his wife when he had a flash of genius. "So he got up from the table and went tearing into his lab and got two cans of whatever it is you pour together to make the urethane, and poured them into the waffle iron," his wife explained.

It is this rubber mold that inspired one of Nike's first pairs, which hit the market in 1974. And in 2019, the legendary waffle sneakers were auctioned to an astonishing $475,500!

This story is only a snippet of the incredible knowledge in this book… over 100 other fun facts await you inside. In The Fun Trivia Questions Book, you’ll discover:

How new equipment for the Space Station can be up there within minutes
Where a woman called the police because her ice cream didn’t have enough sprinkles
What the largest single-celled organism is (it’s bigger than your hand)
Why strawberries aren’t botanically seen as berries
What Americans used before toilet paper was available
Why most Disney characters wear gloves
Why tea-making equipment is furnished in British battle tanks
And much more!

Learning such facts and stories is perfect to kill time when you are waiting in your doctor’s office, the barbershop, or even for making a road trip more entertaining. Imagine how much fun it would be to play this trivia quiz with your family rather than everyone staring at their phone.

If you want the ultimate cure for boredom, scroll up and click the “Buy now” button right now!

Warren Keyes
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8 December
Zach Olson