The GAPs Diet Book for Beginners: A Low FODMAP Wellness Protocol for Inflammatory and Autoimmune Diseases : An Autoimmune Fix to IBD’s, Fighting Autism and Healing Arthritis! A Kid-Friendly Cookbook (Unabridged‪)‬

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Publisher Description

 The GAPS Diet For Beginners: Enjoy This Low Fodmap Wellness Protocol and Start Improving Your Health Today! What is the GAPS diet? What are the benefits of this diet? Should you go for a GAPS diet at all? The answers to all the frequently asked questions about this diet are revealed in this book!

The GAPS diet is a strict elimination diet that requires its followers to cut out grains, pasteurized dairy, starchy vegetables, and refined carbs. It is a natural treatment for people with a wide specter of health conditions. GAPS stands for Gut and Psychology Syndrome, a term invented by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, the designer of the GAPS diet.

At the core of the GAPS diet is the idea that people must avoid foods that are difficult to digest and might damage the intestinal flora or lining. Instead, it is recommended to stick to nutrient-rich food that will help the gut heal.

According to the GAPS theory, damaged gut releases toxins, produced by bacteria, into the bloodstream, which then travel to the brain and interfere with the proper functions of the brain. The theory states that eliminating foods that damage the gut could restore brain function to the optimal levels.

Here’s what this guide will teach you:

What are the greatest benefits of GAPS diet
Tips and tricks on how to stick to your diet
Suggested evidence on the connection between bad diet and health conditions
Different fodmaps for different conditions
The importance of selected macro and micronutrients in your diet 
A wide array of GAPS-approved recipes and snacks

If you are looking to improve your health and wellbeing, make sure to check out this book. It contains expert advice on the GAPS diet program and it will show you all the benefits of GAPS, as well as the dos and don’ts.

Now you can improve your health by making a few dietary changes with the help of this book. Start feeling healthier and happier immediately!

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10 August
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