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Have you ever been stuck in your own tracks, wondering why your life was turning in a consistently negative direction?

As surely as particles keep revolving in space, and human lives are birthed; the law of attraction is constantly at work. This is independent of whether we intentionally put it to work or not. Most of the time, people are generating negative vibes and going by this law, their negative vibes are producing far more negative results for them over time. As sad as that is, it's the truth. If you ever catch yourself asking how on earth you got into a situation that was predominantly negative, or why your life seems to be getting worse and worse; ask no more- the solution is in your hands. You have attracted those occurrences by constantly vibrating negative energy.

It's not quite difficult to look at your present condition and from there, conclude that your life is in shambles or that you might never get out of a particular stagnant state. In fact, that is what most people would do, and so, this cycle is constantly perpetrated in their lives. However, this shouldn't be so, because when you use the present to shape your future, it is whatever that was in your life at that time that would be replicated in the future.

If you want to attract more things to be thankful for, what better way is there to do that than to be grateful for what you currently have in your hands, or for the circumstances in which you find yourself? A grateful heart is certainly a magnet for positive events, and if you would look at life through such lens, there is no doubt that your altitude in life would shock even the best future predictors out there; even yourself.

You have power in your hands- the power to change your life, the power to change the world! This book is capable of such a great degree of transformation if you would let it.

Religion & Spirituality
Aaron Sinn
hr min
September 14
Avinash Singh