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Adrian Mole has entered early middle age and is now 'the same age as Jesus was when he died' (33). Father to the grammatically challenged Glenn, and William, who takes a 'Big Boy Arouser' condom to nursery school as his innocent contribution to a hot air balloon project, Adrian is a single parent who has an on/off relationship with his housing officer, Pamela Pigg. Will she help him to move from the notorious Gaitskell estate before William joins the Mad Frankie Fraser fan club? In the meantime, Adrian continues to be scandalised by his irresponsible parents who are conducting a matrimonial square-dance with the Braithwaites - the parents of the beautiful but unobtainable Pandora, who is ruthlessly pursuing her ambition to be New Labour's first woman PM - and to confide in his diary. His current worries include: indestructible head-lice; his raging jealousy when his accomplished half-brother Brett arrives on his doorstep; moral decline in The Archers; his desperate attachment to two therapists; his mild addiction to Starburst (formerly Opal Fruits); a small earthquake in Leicester; and, perhaps most significantly, the dawn of a new millennium.

Daniel Coonan
hr min
January 7
W. F. Howes

Customer Reviews

bendaniels ,


Maybe not the strongest of the mole books but there is no such things as a poor Adrian mole. He is a genius creation. It takes a while to get used to the narrator as he is bafflingly given a Yorkshire accent (aidrian comes from Leicester ) but it grows on you and it's totally gripping and funny and on occasions even surreal. Hidden treasure.

Ched81EDF ,

What a disappointment

I have read and enjoyed every Adrian Mole book but this is the worst.
It's too political - everyone's opinions revolve around what government politicians do or say
The characters spend too long moaning about their ailments
New characters are short lived and you're left wondering why they were brought into the story anyway
The story stops several times to quote passages from Adrian's latest irrelevant novel, which is soon forgotten about

Adrian's lost the plot. Don't waste your money!

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