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'We need this message more than ever' Malala Yousafzai

The right to:
Spend your own money. Go to school. Earn an income. Access contraceptives. Work outside the home. Walk outside the home. Choose whom to marry. Get a loan. Start a business. Own property. Divorce a husband. See a doctor. Drive a car.
All of these rights are denied to women in some parts of the world.

A Sunday Times bestselling debut from Melinda Gates, a timely and necessary call to action for women's empowerment.

'How can we summon a moment of lift for human beings – and especially for women? Because when you lift up women, you lift up humanity.'

In this moving and compelling book, Melinda shares the stories of the inspiring people she’s met during her work and travels around the world and the lessons she’s learned from them. As she writes in the introduction, “That is why I had to write this book – to share the stories of people who have given focus and urgency to my life. I want all of us to see ways we can lift women up where we live.”

Melinda’s unforgettable narrative is backed by startling data as she presents the issues that most need our attention – from child marriage to lack of access to contraceptives to gender inequity in the workplace. And, for the first time, she writes about her personal life and the road to equality in her own marriage. Throughout, she shows how there has never been more opportunity to change the world – and ourselves.

When we lift others up, they lift us up, too.

This audiobook now includes a new afterword.

Melinda Gates
hr min
April 25
Pan Macmillan

Customer Reviews

Noor_Zuhair ,

Brilliant to listen to

The moment of lift audiobook is very nice to listen too. Eye opening to woman in other cultures who are struggling through everyday life to maintain simple things in life such as food and etc . How Melinda experience and understanding woman and how she compere it to her life style experience.This shows how it’s important to help lift woman with family to support grow good and healthy generations.

Kanarchev ,


The stories in this book are heartbreaking. I’m glad someone so influential is talking about them and taking an great moral stance on the issues

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