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An exhilarating epic of a triumph of the heart.

First with your head and then with your heart... So says Hoppie Groenewald, boxing champion, to a 7-year-old boy who dreams of being the welterweight champion of the world. For the young Peekay, it is a piece of advice he will carry with him throughout life. Born in a South Africa divided by racism and hatred, this one small boy will come to lead all the tribes of Africa. Through enduring friendships with Hymie and Gideon, Peekay gains the strength he needs to win out. And in a final conflict with his childhood enemy, the Judge, Peekay will fight to the death for justice...

Bryce Courtenay
hr min
1 April
Bolinda Publishing Pty Ltd

Customer Reviews

Joykie Burger ,

The Power of One

Being a South African whose parents lived through the era in which this story was written, I found it awe inspiring. That Bryce could find the words to tell the story without prejudice, is phenominal! The feud between the Boers and the English still festers in South African society today. I too was a victim.
This book is an inspiration to all who have been through the dreadful destruction of racism. Bryce Courtnay I applaud you!

2KC180 ,

The best book I have ever read

I first read this book 10 years ago. It was given to my by a friend when I was travelling around Australia, and I thank him for that. I saw the film in my youth and really enjoyed it, despite the hard and difficult messages. The book was a hundred times better.

Bryce Courtenay is a master of words, who can take you on the most wonderful and heart wrenching journey of your life. It is truly a beautiful book that will have you laughing and crying (a good few times). Everyone I have shared this book with has thoroughly enjoyed it... I cannot recommend it highly enough.

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