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What if society wasn't fundamentally rational, but was motivated by insanity? This thought sets Jon Ronson on an utterly compelling adventure into the world of madness.

Along the way, Jon meets psychopaths, those whose lives have been touched by madness and those whose job it is to diagnose it, including the influential psychologist who developed the Psychopath Test, from whom Jon learns the art of psychopath-spotting. A skill which seemingly reveals that madness could indeed be at the heart of everything . . .

Read by Jon Ronson, and combining his trademark humour, charm and investigative incision, The Psychopath Test is both entertaining and honest, unearthing dangerous truths and asking serious questions about how we define normality in a world where we are increasingly judged by our maddest edges.

Jon Ronson
hr min
June 3
Pan Macmillan

Customer Reviews

Bigboots4 ,


Being read by the author, this really gave me a better sense of the humour involved in some of these situations; and the fineness of the line between sanity and certifiable. It was interesting to hear that he was also confused as to if Tony really was as dangerous as the business leader, who is almost certainly not quite normal, but is just different in a more in a socially acceptable successful at business way. Entertaining, thought provoking, non fiction, that compells you to do the Hare test on almost everyone you meet.

clivo ,

Gripping writing style

The psychopath test is incredibly well written bringing together research from a wide range of sources which is woven into one of the most gripping books I have read in years. Jon Ronson is unique in his ability to empathise with his subjects and be the anxious but clever layman whose occasional self deprecation is always welcome and enhances the main narrative, drawing the characters into the stories in a captivating way. Full of humour and beautifully balanced research, I would whole heartedly recommend this book to you.

Mr Marigold ,

Interesting but annoying style.

I said, he said, I said, he said ... repetitive style straight from junior school English classes all delivered in a slightly nervy nasal voice.
Subject matter is entertaining though.

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