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Each story in The Rendezvous and Other Stories by Daphne du Maurier explores a different human emotion. Narrated by Edward de Souza, this Audible Exclusive has something that will appeal to any mood.

About the book

This collection includes 14 of du Maurier’s short stories: 

‘No Motive’ - in which a woman who is happily married decides to take her own life; ‘Panic’ - in which a man and a woman take an illicit trip to Paris, where disaster ensues; ‘The Supreme Artist’ - in which, after his performance, an actor is greeted by a strange woman at the stage door; ‘Adieu Sagesse’ - in which two men make a plan to escape their tedious lives; ‘Fairy Tale’ - the story of a gambling man and his wife; ‘The Rendezvous’ - in which a novelist experiences disappointment when his romantic adventure doesn’t go to plan; ‘La Sainte-Vierge’ - in which a wife prays for her fisherman husband’s safety while he’s at sea; ‘Leading Lady’ - in which an actress uses her skills in order to control the men around her; ‘Escort’ - in which a World War II merchant ship sales across the North Sea with mysterious cargo; ‘The Lover ‘- in which, using his romantic expertise, a man exploits women for their money; ‘The Closing Door’ - in which, after being told he has a terminal illness, a young man must come to terms with its devastating effects; ‘Indiscretion’ - a lesson in thinking before you speak; ‘Angels and Archangels’ - a tale of religion and hypocrisy; and ‘Split Second’ - in which a woman goes out for a walk, but when she returns home everything is different.

About the author

Daphne du Maurier (1907-1989) was a British writer whose work is still greatly appreciated to this day. Her novel Rebecca is probably her most famous piece of literature, but she also had substantial success with her short stories. Her popularity and prowess are evident by the fact that Alfred Hitchcock chose to adapt both Rebecca - which won 2 Oscars - as well as her short story ‘The Birds’ into feature films.

About the narrator

A graduate of RADA (Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts), Edward de Souza has been acting for over 60 years. His first role was in the TV mini-series adaptation of Charles Dickins’ novel, A Tale of Two Cities in 1957, but in more recent years he has appeared alongside Jeremy Irons in The Borgias, and also in the British TV soap opera, Coronation Street.

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