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Spirituality is the quest to develop the spiritual side of your human nature. It has many different shades of meaning for each person. Often shaped by religious and societal norms, spirituality frequently evades many of us as we plod through our daily existence. Our busy lives keep our focus on our day-to-day affairs, and many of us don’t have the energy or inclination to dedicate the precious resources of time and effort into developing this critical aspect of ourselves. 

Figuring out how to grow spiritually as a couple is a quest worth going on, no matter how busy or hectic your lives are! Sex should be a key feature within the spiritual journey of a couple. If this comes as a surprise, hang in there, and we’ll show you how! The connection within a dedicated romantic partnership is multifaceted and can be as fragile as a house of cards. However, by strengthening the bond between you and your partner through both sex and a conscious effort to grow together spiritually, that house of cards can become a rock-solid tether. 

Different religious cultures have different approaches to sex and how it fits into a relationship. By exploring different spiritual cultures, you can widen your perceptions on how sex can fit into a spiritual relationship. There are far more commonalities between different religions than you may think! We will explore the role of sex in the spiritual culture of the following religions: Christianity with a focus on Catholicism, Buddhism, Judaism, Hinduism, and tribal Africa. As you can see, this is a wide cross-section of religious beliefs. From each culture, we illuminate ways that couples can build their spirituality together while balancing their physical needs and desires. There are many things to be learned from cultures outside your own! 

This book is not a sex manual, nor is it overly sexually explicit. The content explores beliefs systems with a focus on how a couple within that culture can unite themselves both spiritually and sexually. Sexuality is part of human nature, and ignoring it or regarding it as a taboo subject within a relationship is a recipe for disaster. This aspect of your relationship can undermine any foundation you try to build if it is not given proper attention. Balance in your life and your relationship is key. Within this book, you’ll find practical ways to incorporate your sexuality into your spirituality and maintain the balance that will please you and your partner!

Diane Lehman
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October 24