The Russian Doll

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    • £9.99

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'Fast-paced and clever, with a pleasing blend of political intrigue and romantic suspense as well as a whodunnit, this is perfect entertainment for a winter's evening' - Guardian

'Elena is a delicious villainess, and the compelling dynamic between plutocrat and protégée makes this an addictive read' - The Sunday Times

'Part thriller, part romance, part social commentary, this is a wildly entertaining novel' Literary Review

The Firm meets McMafia in Marina Palmer's thrilling and exciting novel, which opens the door on the Russian high life in London and corruption at the heart of British politics, reaching all the way into the Secret Services.

Packed with twists, intrigue, betrayal, romance and suspense, The Russian Doll constantly wrong-foots the reader and delivers a perfect narrative, right to the last page.

How much did she just say the salary was?

When Ruth Miller returns a dropped scarf to Elena Shilkov, she is whisked from a dreary shared house to a world of unimagined luxury.

The super-rich Russian wants a new personal assistant and won't take no for an answer.

Ruth gets accommodation, a credit card, and a complete wardrobe makeover.

And she's good at the job; distributing gifts, attending galas, dealing with the high-society movers and shakers fighting for Elena's attention.

Then the sinister truth begins to reveal itself, that nothing is quite what it seems in Elena's dangerous, deceptive world.

Ruth should get away.

But it's already too late.

'Best book I've read this year' - Simon Conway, author of The Stranger

'The Russian Doll gripped me with layer upon dangerous layer' - Alison Bruce, author of The Moment Before Impact

'I couldn't put it down and finished it in a day . . . Superb!' - Mara Timon, author of City of Spies

Crime & Thrillers
Heather Long
hr min
25 November
Hodder & Stoughton