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The Scarifyers is a series of rip-roaring tales of comedic supernatural intrigue set in 1930s Britain, distilling the likes of Dick Barton, The Avengers, The Devil Rides Out and Quatermass into cracking audio adventures.

The series is broadcast on BBC Radio 4 Extra, and has been described in the national press as 'rollicking good fun', 'a slice of audio perfection', 'the smartest and most enjoyable thing on British radio' and 'like Tintin but with the lights out.'

This is the second Scarifyers adventure. A melting minister... a scientific project gripped by madness... a remote village on the Kent coast where the locals have some strange habits indeed. It's all just the ticket for top-secret government department, MI-13.Lionheart (Nicholas Courtney) and Dunning (Terry Molloy) are back; to do battle with the Women's Institute, and old adversary and an inter-dimensional being from the dawn of time - The Devil of Denge Marsh.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Nicholas Courtney, Terry Molloy
hr min
January 5
Bafflegab Productions

Customer Reviews

missheart ,

Spot the reference

I have to admit to being a tad biased as I always enjoyed watching the late Nicholas Courtney on TV, and he is just perfect as DI Lionheart in theses stories. Based around the real location of the Denge marsh and their sound mirrors the two stout chaps from MI-13 find themselves facing the horror of a great old one shamelessly borrowed from H P Lovecraft. Also for added measure is a funny take on the Wickerman scene, but instead of a beautiful Brit Ekland as the barmaid trying to seduce a guest, our boys have a ugly mermaid! The Professor,s crowd of fellow writers who view his adventures with degrees of disbelief and outright scorn (he,s officially forbidden from telling them really) include a gentleman with more then a passing resemblance to J R R Tolkien. If you like an old style tale with comedy and farce that never takes itself seriously then you'll enjoy this.

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