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Enjoy this wonderful collection of Sherlock Holmes' adventures.

"The Adventure of the Golden Pince Nez Doyle" - A crime with no motive puzzles the great detective.
"The Adventure of the Three Students" - The answers to a university examination suddenly disappear.
"Mystery of the Noble Bachelor" - An ecstatic bride runs from the altar, deserting one of the most eligible bachelors in England.
"The Gloria Scott" - A wealthy landowner reads a strange note and immediately falls dead.
"The Empty House" - The Moriarty gang plots to assassinate Holmes.
"The Adventure of the Dying Detective" - Watson finds Holmes in a delirium.
"The Adventure of the Mazarin Stone" - A game hunter stalks Holmes.
"The Darlington Substitution Scandal" - Some of the most valuable portraits in England are to be stolen.
"Reichenbach Secret" - Holmes must confess a lie.

Crime & Thrillers
David Ian Davies
hr min
July 24
One Voice Recordings

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Bought with out reading reviews! Don't make my mistake!

Athene ,

Appallingly narrated - a travesty of a great work

I don't expect, when buying an audiobook where the narrator is unknown to me, for the delivery to match that of an Oscar-winning actor, but I do expect competence. This quality, sadly, is totally missing from this appalling recording. The work is read ineptly; anybody I know could do a more creditable job. The narrator has no conception not only of the dramatic pause, but often of any pause at all - often there is hardly any pause at all between sentences and it sounds like he is engaged in some kind of race. To distinguish between characters the narrator frequently resorts, quite obviously, to electronically speeding up his voice! Some characters sound like Mickey Mouse on helium - I really do not exaggerate. The narrator sounds like he has a long job to do and if he makes a mistake, rather than re-recording a whole sentence or paragraph, he just deletes the mistake and ploughs on, leading to disconcerting jumps in tone and volume.

If I thought I'd get anywhere at all I'd demand my money back. Shame on the producers of this work - either they didn't listen to what their narrator had produced, which is incompetent, or they didn't care, which is worse.

I love Sherlock Holmes but I won't be buying any more of this series - I am not normally a critical reviewer and honestly, folks, this is truly appalling. If I read something to my five year old niece like this she'd tell me to 'stop being so silly and read it properly'. Quite.

JazzieC ,

Sherlock HOMES??

Don't bother buying this - the fact that they couldn't even be bothered to get the name right on the title says it all really, doesn't it?

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