The Truth About Cancer Fighting Foods: Cancer Treatments and Alternative Therapies. New Edition

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    • £5.99

Publisher Description

Have you been diagnosed with cancer, and you’re looking for a powerful, all-natural way of fueling the fight against this disease? Or are you simply looking for a way to eat healthier and drastically reduce your chances of cancer developing? Then this book is for you!

The food we eat has a massive impact on our health and wellbeing – certain diets can help you fight disease, deprive illnesses of vital resources, and supercharge your immune system. Now, this book breaks down the fundamentals of these cancer-fighting diets, arming you with the tools you need to boost your health, starve cancer cells, and give your immune system a helping hand.

From understanding how cancer works and the natural defense mechanisms our bodies use to keep us safe, to the powerful cancer-fighting foods that might already be in your kitchen, now you can fight cancer, live healthier, and enjoy a much stronger immune system.

Inside this comprehensive guide, you’ll discover:
Understanding Our Body’s Natural Defense SystemThe Most Common Types of Cancer and Their SymptomsHow Our Immune System and DNA Protection Keeps us HealthyRethinking Your Kitchen and Developing Cancer-Fighting DietsThe Special Superfoods which Starve Cancer CellsHarnessing the Power of the Ketogenic DietHow Workouts, Meditation, and Spirituality Fight CancerWhy Your Mindset Might Just Be The Most Important Thing of AllAnd Much More!
With cancer reaching epidemic levels across the United States, it’s never been more important to learn how to revolutionize your diet and stop cancer from taking hold. Discover Ketosis, transform your mindsets, and start protecting yourself from cancer today!

Buy now to uncover the all-natural ways you can help fight cancer today!

Derik Hendrickson
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29 January
Sean Reeves