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The Ultimate Price Action Trading Guide is the fastest way to learn how to capture moves in the financial markets. 

Understand the dynamics of price action trading and give yourself a significant trading advantage. Benefit from years of trading experience.

Give yourself an advantage by learning from someone who has experience on a prop desk. Atanas will teach you what you need to know about different types of price action and and how to trade it. 

Not sure where to start? Are you unsure about what it means to trade price action? Maybe you don't understand how technical indicators work. This audiobook will give your trading clarity. Understand different types of candlesticks and price action patterns so you can reduce your risk and be consistently profitable.

With easy-to-understand explanations of complex topics, this audiobook will demystify price action trading once and for all.

"Atanas writes about the topics that most traders are interested in, price action and the tools to trade it systematically. His insight on technical indicators, how to identify and trade a trend, and how to visually see chart patterns have been read by tens of thousands of readers. The work and effort Atanas puts into writing and custom illustration is a testament to his passion for trading." (Steve Burns, NewTraderU.com)

About the author: Atanas Matov aka Colibri Trader started his trading career as a retail trader in the early 2000s. After a few years of trading and investing his own funds, he won the KBC stock market challenge and shortly afterward started working for a leading prop trading house in London. Currently, he is trading his own account and trying to help other traders through his trading blog and social media. A major part of Atanas’ philosophy is in giving back and helping others achieve their trading goals. In his own words: “Judge your trading success by the things you have given up in order to get where you are now!"

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February 4
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