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Have you ever imagined what it would be like to earn millions while you sit on the beach and enjoy your life? In The Unemployed Millionaire, you'll learn why it's no longer a pipe dream but a real possibility.
The lowering of trade barriers and the emergence of the Internet have made it possible for almost anyone to set up a business from anywhere. Whether you're on a beach in Bali or a cruise ship in Alaska, the Internet lets you instantly market your products and services to millions of consumers around the world.
Making money today is a matter of click-and-order, not brick-and-mortar. The Unemployed Millionaire shows you how to capitalize on this growing trend and shatters the myth that making millions requires huge capital investments, years of experience, or long hours stuck in a stuffy office.
Inside, Matt Morris gives you the same tactics he used to climb out from under $30,000 in debt on his way to generating a staggering $20,000,000 in a few short years.
You'll also learn:
Proven ways to earn your first profits online in less than a week
How to easily set up and market a Web site, or better yet, have someone else do it for you
Five simple strategies to crush your competition
A step-by-step process to recruit joint venture partners to market your Web site-the same exact system Morris used to recruit three partners who earned him over $1 million each
An easy-to-implement three-step management system you can use to run your entire empire while you travel the world, or whatever else your heart desires
If you know where you want to be-and it's not stuck in a dead-end job-read The Unemployed Millionaire and change your life today.

Matt Morris
hr min
October 6
Gildan Audio

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scottysummit ,

The Unemployed Millionaire

Unfortunately, I went against my gut feeling and purchased this audiobook - at nearly £12. Learning and teaching is my job so I'm very open to appreciating different styles of communicating. Just a few of the audiobooks I've purchased on ITunes have not been to my satisfaction. Sometimes the accent is a little grating but the content is fantastic - so I persist with my listening and learning.

Not on this occasion. Within a few minutes of switching on this programme I wondered just how much of a tony Robbins fan the author was. Indeed, within 10 minutes, the author mentions how listening to a Tony Robbins programme got him motivated to make some really positive changes. But it didn't end there. This chap actually sounds like he's impersonating Tony Robbins. Starting with a sob story and ending with a success story - nothing wrong with that. It's a good learning point for the listener. BUT, this one does go on and on - a little too much. I got half way through chapter 2 and switched off. It doesn't sound authentic and for me, is full of 'packaging'. Information that doesn't add any value, but extends the book. Refund policy anyone?

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