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Lestat. The vampire hero of Anne Rice’s enthralling novel is a creature of the darkest and richest imagination. Once an aristocrat in the heady days of pre-revolutionary France, now a rock star in the demonic, shimmering 1980s, he rushes through the centuries in search of others like him, seeking answers to the mystery of his eternal, terrifying exsitence. His is a mesmerizing story—passionate, complex, and thrilling.

Praise for The Vampire Lestat
“Frightening, sensual . . . Anne Rice will live on through the ages of literature. . . . To read her is to become giddy as if spinning through the mind of time, to become lightheaded as if our blood is slowly being drained away.”—San Francisco Chronicle
“Fiercely ambitious, nothing less than a complete unnatural history of vampires.”—The Village Voice
“Brilliant . . . its undead characters are utterly alive.”—The New York Times Book Review
“Luxuriantly created and richly told.”—The Cleveland Plain Dealer

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Simon Vance
hr min
May 31
Random House Audio

Customer Reviews

Muzwack ,


I was not expecting this to be so good. It is actually better than interview with the vampire in my oppinion. She is such an amazing writer. Deffinatley worth the money!!

DhampireLing ,

Best vampire voice.

01. Audio Quality: the technical quality would suffice 5 star.
02. Simon Vance: His British accent and clear pronounciation made this Vampire book very Vampiric. Another great audiobook by him is Dracula, which is also utterly engaging. He has a good attitude to narrate vampire books.
03. Apple Download: Now I have problem downloading the second episode of this series, which is 3 in total. I hope this can be resolved in near future.
04. Anne Rice: She has always been my favourite vampire author. And Vampire Lestat is the best book in his chronicle. It is definitely better than Interview with the vampire. The queen of Damned is not so good either.
05. Recommendations. If you enjoyed The Vampire Lestat. You would probably like Fevre Dream by G.R.R.Martins too.


This wasn’t The Vampire Lestat

Downloaded this as it’s my favourite of all the Vampire Chronicles, however this is actually The Queen of the Damned! Very frustrating!!!

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