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Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Carl Hiaasen’s best-selling novels are funny and sardonic. Hilarious postcards of south Florida, they also decry the lurid commercialism that is draining and paving the tropical landscape. Tourist season is swinging into high gear in Miami. So are the activities of a bizarre terrorist group determined to keep the hapless “snowbirds” away. Armed with bombs, weed, and jumbled credos, they move toward their grand target, the Orange Bowl Parade, with plans to bring Miami and its tourist trade to a halt. The cast, which includes a deranged journalist, a visionary ex-jock and a lovesick detective, is just the kind of company Carl Hiaasen’s fans love to keep. Narrator George Wilson’s performance lures each quirky character out into the full light of the Florida sun. With over half a million copies in print, this is one of Hiaasen’s most popular works.

Crime & Thrillers
George Wilson
hr min
1 January
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Customer Reviews

Captain Peaky ,

Tourist Season (Unabridged)

I have enjoyed reading Hiaasen's books and this was the first audiobook I have tried. The story follows a group of mis-matched individuals that want to return Florida to its natural origins by driving out the tourists, retirees and subsequently the businesses and developments that have grown up around them. This is to be achieved by a series of random, brutal murders. They are tracked by a police detective and an ex-reporter turned PI who try to catch the group before they come o the climax of their plan. The style of narration was great and the pace of delivery never felt rushed which suited the books well. A couple of the voice characterisations were a little dodgy however this did not spoil the experience. Overall I would recommend this to any Hiaasen fan.

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