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Ten full-cast dramas featuring some of the best known names in British comedy.

In these ten witty, dark and disturbing episodes some of Britain’s best comedians come together to perform simultaneously hilarious and unsettling stories that will have you gripped. Sticky situations on ski slopes, placating an unruly ghost, a boy stuck at the bottom of well and an unusual adventure weekend with romantic overtones - are just some of the scenarios from comedy writers Mark Maier and Daniel Maier (a long term collaborator of Charlie Brooker and Harry Hill).

Ten episodes. Ten comedy legends. Ten reasons to listen now.
All Downhill From Here
A group of friends are landed in a situation they’re desperate to get out of - on the slopes of a ski resort. Starring Olivia Colman.
Stand-Up Tragedy
Backstage at a comedy club, four comedians are about to discover that life on the circuit isn’t always a laugh a minute. In fact we could be heading for a Stand Up Tragedy... Starring Philip Jackson.
Sow Cottage
The new residents of the village of Little Latchmere are having a bit of trouble fitting in. Before a couple can live in their new home, a spirit needs placating… Starring Robert Webb.
The Art Class
An art tutor with commitment issues falls into the clutches of a determined Russian model. Starring Tracy-Ann Oberman.
A Boy in a Well
Pennine News Network needs a big story to go national and keep them all employed. So when a 9-year-old boy falls down a well, will he be trapped long enough for the team to keep their jobs? Starring Catherine Tate.
Clem Walder’s Way Out
With three wives, Clem can’t keep up his treble life any longer. How can he escape them all? Starring Alex Lowe and Laura Shavin.
Throw the Book
Having got themselves locked in a bookshop overnight, Eddie and Mouse have plenty of time to work out what went horribly wrong with the robbery they have just failed to pull. And, with the help of a highly inquisitive and unpredictable security guard, they discover rather more about each other in the process. Starring Philip Jackson.
Hole Lot of Love
Debs, a 40-year-old north London nanny, is stuck in a rut. On her quest to find love, she agrees to go on an activity weekend in the Lake District. There, amongst an intriguing mix of like and not so like-minded singletons, Debs finds what she least expected. One hundred and sixty feet below ground. Starring Rebecca Front.
Smarting Up
Jenny Green, frustrated intellectual, is going nowhere in a staff writing job on unfathomably successful TV soap Jesmond Road, until the day when she has the chance to take out her chagrin on the soap’s script - and in the process unwittingly starts a cultural revolution. Starring Mathew Horne and Jenny Éclair.
Break Out
Locked in a high-security prison with no idea why, Marty, Willis, Frank and Jack have to escape or suffer unspeakable consequences. But breaking out would be a whole lot easier if Marty wasn't so old, Willis wasn't quite so fat, and Jack wasn't so much of a troublemaker. Starring Alan Davies.
If you’re a fan of Inside Number 9 and Black Mirror, Trapped will have you hooked - British comedy doesn’t come much better than this. Listen now to the full two series available together for the first time as a download.
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Series 1
Written by Mark Maier and Daniel Maier
Produced by Alex Walsh-Taylor
First Broadcast BBC Radio 4, 4 September 2003
Series 2
Written by Mark Maier and Daniel Maier
Produced by Claire Bartlett
First Broadcast BBC Radio 4, 20 December 2005

Olivia Colman
hr min
18 April
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