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Let Me Explain

This sizzling erotic story will leave you breathless!

If you like: 

Uncensored sex scenes 
Dirty-talk that will make you squirm 
Kinky stories that dabble into forbidden taboos 
MFM threesome fantasies 
Naughty stories about sex dominance…. 

You’ve come to the right place. 

Meet Travis and Kinsley, a happily engaged couple. Kinsley loves Travis and has never once thought about cheating on him. Until Paxton. He moves in with the couple and unexpectedly, sparks start to fly between him and Kinsley. Sparks that soon turn into sizzling electricity. 

How will Kinsley deal with the evergrowing desire to drag Paxton to her bed and have her way with him? 

Will she be able to resist her dirty fantasies and throbbing she feels whenever Paxton accidentally touches her? 

What happens when Travis finds out his fiancee's dirty secret, and how will he react? 

This book will take on a journey that delves into forbidden fantasies, sexual taboos, and outragous dirty-talks. 

It will be a while before you would be able to get this story out of your mind. 

Here's what you should expect: 

Explicit sex scenes that will leave you panting 
Hot, dominant characters you'll like from the start 
Scorching hot descriptions of mind-blowing sex 
A slow-burn tension between characters 
A lovable protagonist with a shamelessly dirty mind 
And so much more! 

This passionate story will leave you breathless and begging for more! Sparks will fly, inhibitions will lower, and you'll be left with a wanting as you've never experienced before! You simply won't be able to put down this book. 

If you want to spark your imagination and be left lusting for forbidden experiences....

Young Lily and the Boys

Meet Lily, a red-haired troublemaker who’s bursting with unfulfilled sexual desires. Join her in a journey through the dark underground swinger's clubs, and the exciting world of BDSM. Find out how she met the love of her life while exploring her deepest, naughtiest sexual fantasies. 

This book breaks sexual taboos, dives into forbidden pleasures, and fearlessly promises to take you to the height of your arousal. 

This is not for those faint of heart. To call the scenes steamy would do them an injustice. They are burning hot. Enter the world of mind-blowing sex, a slow-burn tension, and ultimate pleasures. 

This book will take your breath away and leave you panting. 

Here's what awaits: 

A captivating storyline 
A protagonist that will make you fall in love with her on the first page 
Sizzling erotic encounters 
Many explicit sex scenes that explore the hidden pleasures and erotic taboos 
Naughty descriptions that will spike your imagination 
Conversations full of salivating dirty-talk 
And so much more! 

It's dark, dirty, forbidden, and shameless. In another words, exactly what you're looking for! This provocative book will make you swoon, sweat, and beg for more. 

Are you ready to have your mind blown and inhibitions lowered? 

Tiana Targan
hr min
March 20
Donald Garrison