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Do you want to know how to activate your vagus nerve with daily exercises? Do you want to reduce depression, anxiety, trauma, PTSD? Do you want to relieve chronic illness, inflammation and stress? If yes, then keep reading...

The vagus nerve is the longest nerve in the body. It begins at the brain stem, travels down the neck, and then throughout the body. Its main function is to allow our brains to not only monitor our bodies and how they are functioning, but also to receive information from the rest of our body.

The vagus nerve is responsible for many different functions in the body. However, there are four main functions that the vagus nerve is responsible for: the sensory function, the special sensory function, the motor function, and the parasympathetic function.

This audiobook covers the following topics:

What is the vagus nerve?
The polyvagal theory
Vagus nerve anatomy and functions
The 12 cranial nerves
Functions of the vagus nerve
Advantages and truth about vagus nerve
Vagus nerve - mental health and other health issues
The nervous system
Causes of anxiety, depression, and inflammation
Exercise to stimulate and activate the vagus nerve
And much more...

The vagus nerve is responsible for providing communication between the gut and the brain. It provides communication between the diaphragm, which helps a person breathe deeply and to feel relaxed, and the brain. The vagus nerve also communicates to parts of the body sending anti-inflammatory signals.

When something goes wrong with this nerve, because of an injury, overstimulation or understimulation, such problems like digestive problems, heart problems, kidney problems, and much more kick in. If you are suffering from chronic inflammation, there may be a problem with the vagus nerve.

Do you know that when the vagus nerve becomes overactive the body will have a hard time pumping blood, leading to high blood pressure and a higher heart rate? Do you know that if the vagus nerve is overactive, a person can suffer from organ damage and even lose consciousness?

There are so many things to know about the vagus nerve, so let’s go discover about the most important nerve in our body!

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Science & Nature
James Masterjohn
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14 May
Alessandro Briscese