Vampire Samurai, Lupus Patronus, Viking Vampire's Voyage, and Vampire of the Sea (Unabridged) Vampire Samurai, Lupus Patronus, Viking Vampire's Voyage, and Vampire of the Sea (Unabridged)

Vampire Samurai, Lupus Patronus, Viking Vampire's Voyage, and Vampire of the Sea (Unabridged‪)‬

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    • £7.99

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"Vampire Samurai: My Sword and Fangs:" My father's name is Naoko Kasai. He is a handsome, brave, wealthy, Samurai from the island of Tochigi, Japan. When he married my mother they wanted to have children right away. My father wanted the baby to be a boy to teach him how to be a Samurai, and fight side by side. Destiny intervened and a girl was born. My mother named me Aiko.

A few days before I turned eleven years old, my father asked me what I wanted for my birthday. Without hesitation I told him that I wanted a sword. I earned my Samurai Status when I was eighteen years old. Unfortunately, something terrible happened to me and my cousin Kiku when we went on vacation to Romania.

Mongols and Turks invaded Japan and I am going to fight them to the death. A mysterious good-looking vampire named Xander Van Buren is going to try to win my love; if Akemi Naito, my fiance; allows it.

Lupus Patronus: Werewolves and Vampires Prophecy I was found by a river one full moon night inside a wooden basket when I was two months old. According to the old couple who found me; I was wearing a leather necklace with a large wolf's tooth attached to it. The name Amelia was engraved in it.

I am seventeen years old and a horrible curse will manifest on my eighteen birthday. Without knowing, I am part of a werewolves and vampires prophecy. A good-looking werewolf named Alek will win my love.

Unfortunately, my love for him will be tested by his dark side.

Viking Vampire's Voyage The snow this winter is so deep that humans are not traveling as usual with their dog sleds. I have not had blood in a few days and I am feeling weak. Suddenly I smelled human blood. I spotted two humans from a distance. Fresh blood was slowly dripping on the white snow. They probably had an accident and were lost.

My immortal life gets complicated when a good looking nineteen year old Viking vampire named Mikael asked for my help.

During our sea voyage to free Norway from English vampires, I started having feelings towards Mikael's eighteen year old brother Noak. My name is Klara and I am a Viking Vampire.

Vampire of the Sea The English Captain of the 'Medusa's Lair' pirate ship gets killed in battle leaving his only daughter Mar with the dilemma of taking the Captain title. The crew doesn't accept her as their Captain because she is a female.

What the crew doesn't know is that she was attacked by a vampire on the night of her twenty second birthday and she is now a vampire.

Kids & Young Adults
Ginny You
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10 July
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