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As Duncan Bannatyne reached thirty, he was still living the life of a beach bum in Jersey. Fearing that he was about to become the oldest swinger in town, and anxious to settle down with his partner, he realised that what he needed to do was become a millionaire. Five years later he was.

In this inspirational yet hugely practical book, Duncan Bannatyne shows how anyone can assess where they are in their lives and start to do something to improve things by understanding what their strengths are. He then shows how to change your life and set yourself on a more successful path. Finally, he reveals his key tips for how to put together a great pitch that could take you into the Dragons' Den, or even past your bank manager, to get the support you need to make your dreams come true. Throughout it all, he gives fascinating insights from his own career that prove how his ideas have worked for him, and could work for anyone else willing to learn from him.

(p) 2008 Orion Publishing Group

Business & Personal Finance
David Rintoul
hr min
August 21

Customer Reviews

The Stiggie ,

Money not wasted on this purchace

If your thinking of starting up a business, have a business but need a fresh look on how to improve or want mor inspiration on how you can do your pressent job better. Then this could be for you. My one critisasm is that Duncan says throughout that the customer is important and should be constantly aproached for their opinion on how to imrove your business, but he couldn't be bothered to read to me. The man who does read it does it well but I would prefer Duncans voice, Its why we purchace audiobooks. Don't look for the book for stratergies and advice it's more a motavational tool. I'll listen to it quite a few more times, which means I like it.

Bcambs ,

Add to your list.

Insightful and useful book with same rare key points. I've my own successful companies and found Duncan's words poignant and refreshing. Ideal if you are thinking of starting your own bussiness or, like me, a person who makes a point of reading bussiness biography to keep on the ball.

JimboM79 ,


To the comments below who are disappointed Duncan isn't reading the book, the reason it is not Duncan's voice is that the voice being used is a lot clearer than Duncan's - simple. If you want to listen to Duncan's voice then maybe you should just record Dragon's Den and listen over and over if you really want to hear his voice! He really doesn't have a voice for audiobooks.
Personally I'm interested in books that is going to be insightful and educational to setting up a business which this does.


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