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The Chelsea Money Coach

Wealth Creation Master Plan

The Clarity Pillar

A Blueprint System for Creating Wealth

I’d like you to imagine a Greek Temple of the Gods.

The Roof of the Temple is your Visions, Dreams and Goals.

There are 7 pillars in this Temple.

These are the 7 Pillars of my Chelsea Money Coach Wealth Creation Master Plan

Pillar 1 — Clarity

Pillar 2 — Rescue

Pillar 3 — Freedom

Pillar 4 —Time

Pillar 5 — Entrepreneur

Pillar 6 — Emotional Wealth

Pillar 7 — Alchemy

In this audiobook, you will be given practical exercises to work through and golden nuggets of money mastery to contemplate. The purpose is to help you shift psychologically into a Master of Abundance and Money Management.

To succeed you will need to consistently work through these exercises to enable this book to deliver for you and to help you to achieve the transformational results you deserve.

I want this to be a fun and inspirational experience and an eye-opener, as the mystery of your money story is revealed, piece by piece!

I am here to hold your hand every step of the way through these exercises with my narrative.

I recommend listening to the entire book in one sitting at first, then going back and listening, again and again, pausing to work the exercises. You’ll learn something new each time.

The Clarity Pillar

"Everyone has their own money story…understand yours with clarity, as this system teaches, and you will be empowered to generate abundance on a different scale and build and grow your personal wealth. "

I have been blessed to work directly with the author, and her Wealth Mastery teachings. She is a financial genius and her Blueprint System is a psychological masterpiece." Simon Hinton, The Entrepreneurs' Club International.

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Noah Kershisnik
hr min
November 12
Author's Republic