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Optimism demands action. Optimism is an active choice. Optimism is not naïve and it is not impossible.

We are living in an age of turmoil, destruction and uncertainty. Global warming has reached terrifying heights of severity, human expansion has caused the extinction of countless species, and Neoliberalism has led to a destructive divide in wealth and a polarisation of mainstream politics. But, there is a constructive way to meet this challenge, there is a reason to keep on fighting and there are plenty of reasons for optimism.

Lily Cole has met with some of the millions of people around the world who are working on solutions to our biggest challenges and committed to creating a more sustainable and peaceful future for humanity. Exploring issues from fast fashion to fast food and renewable energy to gender equality, and featuring interviews with Sir David Attenborough, Sir Paul McCartney, Elon Musk and Extinction Rebellion co-founder Professor Gail Bradbrook, Reasons for Optimism is a beacon of hope in dark times.

This book is a rousing call to action that will leave you feeling hopeful that we can make a difference. We are the ancestors of our future: a generation who will either be celebrated for their activism or blamed for its apathy. It is for us to choose optimism, to make a change and to show what is possible.

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Lily Cole
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30 July
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Customer Reviews

Jose123eee ,

Humanity on a tightrope

In the audio version of her book, Cole’s voice adds both gravitas and warmth to her well balanced essay on the biggest challenge for humankind. The scope and dedication put on her book is admirable. The author shows a consistent effort to include all the different points of view, and thus encourages further research from the reader. Sometimes she speaks candidly about her own personal experiences and contradictions, with flair and sharp humour. The main thing I’ve learnt is that apathy is not an option, and practical optimism as a tool to drive positive change might just save us from sleepwalking into the precipice. This book is an important contribution to the layman’s literature on climate change.

AbiCott ,

Cole asks the questions you want answered

Incredibly insightful and what an amazing array of guest speakers. The episodes exploration of the Facebook–Cambridge Analytica scandal and impact of XR particularly struck me. I teach RS and Philosophy to secondary school children and will definitely be recommending the episode to my A Level groups in relation to our Environment and Equality units. I’ve been listening to these podcasts as I jog and have found myself tuning in again on my way to work as it’s just so interesting! Thanks to Lily!

occor64 ,


So much expectation and so little delivered ... I for one won’t be rushing to buy her next book

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