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If you’ve been looking to learn about the most secret Wiccan traditions, including practicing Wiccan crystal magic with simple crystal spells, then keep reading.

You are about to learn how to start casting spells to manifest anything you want by leveraging the power of crystals in Wicca!

Before we continue, let me ask...

Is it the aesthetic nature of crystals that has always fascinated you, or is it a recent discovery you made about the incredible power they possess that has caught your attention? Perhaps you’ve always had a desire to change your fortunes, discover yourself, heal and change how you feel about everything - or assist other people around you recover from any form of adversity, and that’s why you’re here...

Whatever the case, you’re at the right place.

The use of crystals in magic is well known and established in many cultures around the world. Many civilizations have recorded lore, myths, and legends for the properties of these natural stones. And in Wicca, witches have been using crystals for their unique form of energy that can be used to create and enhance their magic work and spells to heal or improve their physical and spiritual being (souls and minds), as well as improve their lives in other areas, including love, finances, protection, luck, fertility, creativity, and more.

And you know what?

Whether you’re already a Wiccan or not, you can partake in the power of crystals and benefit in these and many more ways by learning the basics of Wiccan crystal magic through this definitive audiobook by Diane Lockhart. From the basic knowledge about crystal healing, their formation and use to the steps of using them to develop your mind and body by shifting your energy and insight, this guide will cover everything you need to get started with Wiccan crystal magic like a professional

So if questions like...

What is it that crystals have that makes them so potent for Wicca crystal magic?

How are crystals used in Wiccan magic?

How can you use them?

How do you prepare them for use?

How exactly do you cast spells using crystals in Wicca?

How do you know which crystal to use for a particular purpose?

And many others are going through your mind, this audiobook is for you so keep reading!

More precisely, the audiobook will teach you:

The basics of the crystals used in Wicca, including how they work, why they work, the history of crystals in Wicca, and more
The ins and outs of crystal healing 
How crystals are formed
Choosing the right crystals for different purposes
How to use healing crystals
9 powerful healing stones, and what they can do for you
How to clear, cleanse, and charge crystals
How to store healing crystals and stones
How to develop intuition and perceptive insight with crystals
Vibrational energy in crystals and chakra energy center
The ins and outs of crystal magic and witchcraft
11 easy one-minute crystal rituals to try, even if you’re a crystal newbie
And so much more!

What’s more; the audiobook is 100 percent beginner friendly, and its content is far beyond comprehensive: It’s easy to follow, motivating to listen yet also practical enough for someone who wants to get started within the shortest time possible.

My advice?

Grab this opportunity by downloading this book right away if you want to complete your first ritual by the end of the day!

Buy this audiobook now to get started!

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