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Be the best version of yourself.

Have you been interested in the healing properties of herbalism, or the magical worlds of Wicca? Are you unsure how herbs affect magic? Do you want to know which herbs to start with? 

The world of Herbalism and Wiccan tradition can seem overwhelming at first. Yet, once you begin, it is a magical journey noticing the ways we can cleanse or heal ourselves with this natural magic, learning how herbs can affect our daily lives through manifestation and intention, or even learning how herbs have been so entwined into human civilization for thousands of years assisting us to grow and learn. 

In this audiobook we shall journey through the folklore, myths, and history of herbs throughout the time. We will begin to explore the ways that herbal magic can heal the body, heart, and mind through simple yet also complex techniques. We will explore the ways to grow your own herbs, which herbs to grow and how to deepen our connection with nature. This audiobook contains various traditions and knowledge for the following areas of your life:

You will learn the best herbs for any Wiccan practice, the herbs to be aware of as you progress and the magical, healing, and spiritual properties of these herbs
You will learn various practices and rituals to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression within the secret ways of the wiccan tradition.
You will gain the tools to grow your own herbal garden with tips and techniques, as well as which flowers, herbs, and plants to begin your own magical garden. 
We will share the traditions of herbs and their sacred elements for honoring various times of the year or assisting in ritual practices to ease the mind and body.
You will learn how to build your own practice and gain the confidence to make your own Grimoire of herbal magic.
Empower yourself to be your truest version of who you are through the magic of the herbal arts.
You will learn the history of herbalism throughout various traditions, cultures, and time periods. 
There are secrets shared about making your own herbal remedies for daily ailments and treating things like the common cold, headaches, or small cuts and bruises, from these alternative natural methods.

Even if you are a complete beginner and do not know where to begin, this audiobook will serve as a guide on your path to improve your life through the power of the plants. Within this audiobook you will learn the tools and knowledge to begin your path into the realms of Wiccan Herbalism.

Begin your journey now and feel empowered with the wisdom, love, and healing that lies within herbal magic! 

If you wish to begin your path to a healthier, happier, more connected life with your own true nature and of the elements get this audiobook now to begin learning! 

Trei Taylor
hr min
October 3
Athena Crowley