Winston Churchill: A Captivating Guide to the Life of Winston Churchill

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Explore how Churchill went from schoolboy failure to wartime hero.

As a British politician who was well known for serving twice as prime minister for the United Kingdom, and as an infamous war organizer, leader Winston S. Churchill filled his long life with achievements and recognition, plotted throughout every modern history book. Most famously, he led Great Britain into victory over Nazi Germany during World War II in his first run as prime minister, and played an essential role in negotiating peace once the war reached an unsteady end. Commonly, his name is associated as one of the "Big Three", alongside United States President Franklin D. Roosevelt and Soviet Union leader Joseph Stalin. In unity, the three men helped lead the world to a resolution from the violence and terror that reigned in World War II.

Any general biography of Winston S. Churchill will provide an overview of his greatest achievements, but Churchill had other goals and desires that are often ignored and forgotten. What were they? Churchill had a family - a childhood and children of his own - and a political career that began at a young age. He spoke with and entertained some of the biggest names in the world, within both the political and social realms. How did he interact with Franklin D. Roosevelt? With Mahatma Gandhi? Beneath the accolades and accomplishments lies one important question: Who was Winston S. Churchill out of the spotlight? What were his struggles and personal goals? Was he an average man in some ways? The following audiobook is an outline of Winston S. Churchill's life that not only gives a brief overview of his best-known feats, but also provides a glimpse into who he was as a person.

Sean Daily
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8 August
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