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Would you like to know how you can extend your athletic career, prevent the onset of aging, and learn how to practice deep relaxation?

Going to your first yoga class might be a little weird, but what isn't weird the first time you try it? Your first day at a new job was a little weird because it was new - you didn't know where things were, you didn't know peoples' names, and so on. There was a lot to remember and learn, but you survived; you got connected and got comfortable.

Developing a yoga practice isn't really painful, although your poses and routines will be grueling at times. You do have to consider some different things, such as what style of yoga you want to try, which classes you'd like to attend, and what poses will compliment your existing athletic regimen.

If there's a new sport you're getting into when you roll out your mat for the first time, that can complicate things a bit more. The good news is that yoga is the ideal complement to any athletic activity. This book will give you the guidance you need to understand yoga and develop a sound practice that will yield many benefits for the rest of your life.

Yoga for Men has been created to help men who've had little or no experience with yoga reach their full potential through simple, effective means.

Yoga for Men will help you create a yoga practice that will meet your unique needs. Your yoga mat will become your laboratory of transformation. Yoga for Men will show you how to connect to every muscle in your body and to develop connections between every muscle and muscle group in the same workout. You will learn how to prevent injuries and incorporate your yoga practice into any athletic regimen you are involved in. Yoga for Men will teach you how to be your own teacher as your yoga practice continues to progress and become an integral part of your life.

Sean Householder
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December 11
HRD Publishing