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Johnny has a way with the ladies, but will his last date be with death? For free trips and a fat fee, Johnny Dollar descends into cases of missing money and missing men. But, what can he do when the bodies are walled up, washed up, and fallen down? When the jewels and the paintings are fake? And, when everything from trucks to trout to widows are on the loose? He'd better bring his gun. This collection features Bob Bailey in 27 half-hour episodes, including three two-part storylines. John Dehner, Stacy Harris, Frank Nelson, Alan Reed, Virginia Gregg, Joe Kearns and many more are heard in these wayward matters. EPISODES INCLUDE: The Mad Hatter Matter 01-27-57; The Wayward Truck Matter 05-26-57; The Mason-Dixon Mismatch Matter 06-09-57; The Dixon Murder Matter 06-16-57; The Confederate Coinage Matter 07-28-57; The Wayward Widow Matter 08-04-57; The Diamond Dilemma Matter 03-02-58; The Wayward Moth Matter 03-09-58; The Salkoff Sequel Matter 03-16-58; The Killer's List Matter 03-30-58; The Wayward Money Matter 04-13-58; The Wayward Trout Matter 04-20-58; The Village of Virtue Matter 04-27-58; The Carson Arson Matter 05-04-58; The Wayward River Matter 06-08-58; The Ugly Pattern Matter 06-29-58; The Blinker Matter 07-06-58; The Mojave Red Matter - Part One 07-13-58; The Mojave Red Matter - Part Two 07-20-58; The Wayward Diamonds Matter 09-14-58; The Johnson Payroll Matter 09-21-58; The Gruesome Spectacle Matter 09-28-58; The Date with Death Matter 02-08-59; The Blue Madonna Matter 02-22-59; The Cautious Celibate Matter 04-19-59; The Winsome Widow Matter 04-26-59; The Cask of Death Matter 05-24-59.

Crime & Thrillers
Bob Bailey
hr min
July 29
Radio Spirits

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