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100 science fiction stories make up this massive collection.

Works and authors include:

Four-Day Planet by Henry Beam Piper

The Hour of Battle by Robert Sheckley

The House from Nowhere by Arthur G. Stangland

The Huddlers by William Campbell Gault

Human Error by Raymond F. Jones

The Hunted Heroes by Robert Silverberg

I Like Martian Music by Charles E. Fritch

Was a Teen-Age Secret Weapon by Richard Sabia

I'll Kill You Tomorrow by Helen Huber

A Stranger Here Myself by Dallas McCord Reynolds

If at First You Don't... by John Brudy

Impossible Voyage Home by Floyd L. Wallace

In Case of Fire by Gordon Randall Garrett

In the Cards by Alan Cogan

In the Control Tower by Will Mohler

The Orbit of Saturn by Roman Frederick Starzl

The Year 2889 by Jules Verne and Michel Verne

An Incident on Route 12 by James H. Schmitz

Revolution by Poul William Anderson

Infinite Intruder by Alan Edward Nourse

The Infra-Medians by Sewell Peaslee Wright

Inside John Barth by William W. Stuart

Insidekick by Jesse Franklin Bone

Instant of Decision by Gordon Randall Garrett

The Instant of Now by Irving E. Cox, Jr.

Irresistible Weapon by Horace Brown Fyfe

Islands in the Air by Lowell Howard Morrow

The Issahar Artifacts by Jesse Franklin Bone

It's a Small Solar System by Allan Howard

It's All Yours by Sam Merwin

The Jameson Satellite by Neil Ronald Jones

Jimsy and the Monsters by Walt Sheldon

Join Our Gang? by Sterling E. Lanier

Joy Ride by Mark Meadows

The Judas Valley by Gerald Vance

Junior Achievement by William Lee

The Junkmakers by Albert R. Teichner

The Jupiter Weapon by Charles Louis Fontenay

The K-Factor by Harry Harrison

The Keeper by Henry Beam Piper

Keep Out by Fredric Brown

The Kenzie Report by Mark Clifton

The Knights of Arthur by Frederik Pohl

Know Thy Neighbor by Elisabeth R. Lewis

A Knyght Ther Was by Robert F. Young

Larson's Luck by Gerald Vance


The Last Evolution by John Wood Campbell

The Last Gentleman by Rory Magill

Last Resort by Stephen Bartholomew

The Last Straw by William J. Smith

The Last Supper by T. D. Hamm

Lease to Doomsday by Lee Archer

Let'em Breathe Space by Lester del Rey

Letter of the Law by Alan Edward Nourse

The Machine Stops by E.M. Forster

The Machine That Saved The World by William Fitzgerald Jenkins

Man Who Hated Mars by Gordon Randall Garrett

The Man Who Saw the Future by Edmond Hamilton

A Matter of Magnitude by Al Sevcik

The Measure of a Man by Randall Garrett

The Memory of Mars by Raymond F. Jones

'Mid Pleasures and Palaces by James McKimmey

The Mightiest Man by Patrick Fahy

Millennium by Everett B. Cole

The Misplaced Battleship by Harry Harrison

Missing Link by Frank Patrick Herbert

The Montezuma Emerald by Rodrigues Ottolengui

Mr. President by Stephen Arr

Mr. Spaceship by Philip K. Dick

The Native Soil by Alan Edward Nourse

Navy Day by Harry Harrison

Next Logical Step by Benjamin William Bova

No Moving Parts by Murray F. Yaco

The Nothing Equation by Tom Godwin

Old Rambling House by Frank Patrick Herbert

One-Shot by James Benjamin Blish

Oomphel in the Sky by Henry Beam Piper

Operation Haystack by Frank Patrick Herbert

Your Money Back by Gordon Randall Garrett

An Ounce of Cure by Alan Edward Nourse

The Penal Cluster by Ivar Jorgensen

Piper in the Woods by Philip K. Dick

Planetoid 127 by Edgar Wallace

Police Operation by H. Beam Piper

Postmark Ganymede by Robert Silverberg

Project Mastodon by Clifford Donald Simak

Proteus Island by Stanley G. Weinbaum

The Quantum Jump by Robert Wicks

The Radiant Shell by Paul Ernst

The Red Room by H. G. Wells

The Risk Profession by Donald Edwin Westlake

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